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Infrared Sauna benefits
The benefits of infrared therapy have been researched and studied by health professionals for the past 40 years. With the popularity of infrared saunas and chromotherapy, Belleville Area Chiropractic offers individuals the very best infrared sauna using chromotherapy with the various colors used to achieve the desired fact. Each color of the chromotherapy will give a different feel in the infrared sauna. View the color chart provided to see just how effective the usage of an infrared sauna using chromotherapy can help your health and beauty.  From joint pain relief to complete health and beauty benefits, feel the power of our infrared sauna benefits at Belleville Area Chiropractic.

Heat absorbed directly into the body thru infrared in the form of heat
Powers the immune system
Helps stimulates new cell regeneration
Can be used at various temperatures while achieving the same results
Form of exercise for people with physical constraints, age, etc.
Easier to breathe and relax in the infrared saunas versus conventional or steam
Relieves stress, relaxes muscles and helps with joint pain
Reduces calories while relaxing comfortably
Helps with building a very strong cardiovascular system